The Picture Of Dorian Gray Level 3

The Picture Of Dorian Gray Level 3

Yazar: Oscar Wilde
Yayınevi: Winston Academy
Kategori: Yabancı Dilde Kitaplar
Barkod: 9786054555970
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The next day Dorian did not leave the house. He stayed in bed, looking very tired and afraid. He was afraid of dying. He remembered the angry face of the sailor. He thought the sailor was going to punish him for the terrible things he had done. He waited Sibyl Vane's brother to come back and kill him. How terrible it was to think like that. But then the next minute, he thought he had sailed away in his ship. He would not find him again. He grew pale with fear. He looked back on his sins and fears. He felt sorry for himself. He had killed his friend cruelly. How could God forgive him for his sins!

Dorian Gray is a very good-looking young man and he knows it very well. His physical beauty attracts the artist, Basil Hallward so much that he becomes obsessed with Gray and sets out to capture his beauty on canvass. However, Basil does not know that instead of beauty, he captures Gray's inner ugliness. And surprisingly, the picture changes as Dorian Gray becomes uglier and uglier.

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